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?glasserc 85d19h ago resume.pdf resume resume.tex svn
Various feedback from Tommy Carpenter
?glasserc 141d21h ago resume resume.tex portfolio resume.pdf svn
Update resume and revisit "portfolio" page
?glasserc 2y309d ago bits/rust-apex-and-aws-lambda svn
Add a sentence
?glasserc 2y309d ago bits/rust-apex-and-aws-lambda svn
Try to fix formatting
?glasserc 2y309d ago bits/rust-apex-and-aws-lambda svn
Document a thing
?glasserc 3y10d ago bits/bridges and powerlines svn
Editing this post a bit more
?glasserc 3y10d ago bits/bridges and powerlines svn
Editing this post a bit
?glasserc 3y10d ago local.css svn
Text looks too dense
?glasserc 3y10d ago bits/bridges and powerlines svn
A bunch of ramblings about Bridges and Powerlines
?glasserc 3y11d ago about svn
Update about page
This is actually a sneaky way of getting rid of the link to the
pictures_of_me page. When I first put this site together, it seemed
like one of the main things I want when I go to a person's website is
to see pictures of them, so I put up some of myself. These days, I
wonder if pictures revealing me as a Caucasian male hurt diversity
efforts. When a recruiter hits my site, do they try harder because I
"look like" a programmer?
It doesn't help that all the pictures are super outdated. Rather than
update them, let's just remove the link.
?glasserc 3y244d ago people I am looking for svn
List some more people
?glasserc 3y303d ago resume.pdf resume resume.tex svn
Try to be less demanding
?glasserc 3y316d ago portfolio svn
Add some prose to explain these links
?glasserc 3y316d ago portfolio svn
A bunch of other stuff I'd forgotten about
?glasserc 3y318d ago portfolio svn
Add some more open-source PRs
?glasserc 3y357d ago resume.pdf resume resume.tex svn
updating some of the softer stuff
?glasserc 3y358d ago portfolio resume.pdf resume.tex resume svn
Update resume a bit
?glasserc 6y34d ago resume.pdf resume resume.tex svn
Another skill I'm not completely ignorant of
?glasserc 6y35d ago resume.pdf resume resume.tex svn
More updates to resume
?glasserc 6y35d ago resume resume.tex resume.pdf svn
Adding Pave to my resume
?glasserc 7y129d ago pictures of me svn
Last try
?glasserc 7y129d ago pictures of me svn
Oh right, I hate ikiwiki
?glasserc 7y129d ago pictures of me svn
Try to resize the picture
?glasserc 7y129d ago portfolio svn
Update this patch series
?glasserc 7y129d ago attic/img 2376.jpg pictures of me svn
New picture
?glasserc 7y263d ago resume.pdf svn
Newest rebuild of resume
?glasserc 7y263d ago portfolio svn
Adding missing links
?glasserc 7y263d ago resume.tex resume portfolio svn
The 'portfolio' section of my resume is getting a bit too big
?glasserc 7y275d ago resume.pdf resume.tex resume svn
Using shiny new Latex template, also I guess I'm capable with Ruby
?glasserc 7y275d ago resume.tex resume resume.pdf svn
Updating resume; PDF version is a little uglier than need be
?glasserc 9y270d ago bits/rst2wp svn
See, it's used already
?glasserc 9y270d ago bits/rst2wp svn
?glasserc 9y270d ago bits/ethan-wspace.el svn
?glasserc 9y329d ago resume svn
Update RST version of resume again
?glasserc 9y329d ago resume svn
Update RST version of resume too
?glasserc 9y331d ago resume.tex resume.pdf svn
Updating resume
?glasserc 9y352d ago bits/puppetry index svn
New puppetry
?glasserc 10y27d ago index svn
Mention travelogue
?glasserc 10y45d ago bits/puppetry index svn
New favorite
?glasserc 10y127d ago bits/2pp cake ?bits/2pp cake/gameboy.png bits/2pp cake/2pp cake support/gameboy.svg bits/2pp cake/2pp cake support/gameboy.png ?bits/2pp cake/gameboy.svg ?bits/2pp cake/2pp cake support svn
Don't inline the images
?glasserc 10y127d ago ?bits/2pp cake/gameboy.svg bits/2pp cake bits/2pp cake ?bits/2pp cake/gameboy.png svn
2pp cake
?glasserc 10y151d ago bits/puppetry index svn
Updating new favorite Puppetry strips
?glasserc 10y235d ago bits/8-bit-tarot svn
?glasserc 10y235d ago bits/8-bit-tarot svn
Trying again
?glasserc 10y235d ago bits/8-bit-tarot svn
Trying again
?glasserc 10y235d ago bits/8-bit-tarot svn
?glasserc 10y235d ago attic/dscn3002-small.jpg bits/8-bit-tarot svn
Review of 8-bit tarot deck
?glasserc 10y287d ago resume.tex resume.pdf svn
Bring slightly more attention to my patches etc.
?glasserc 10y287d ago resume.tex svn
An attempt to create a denser resume
?glasserc 10y287d ago resume.tex resume.pdf svn
More resume stuff
?glasserc 10y287d ago projects/lockers svn
List a bunch of dependencies
?glasserc 10y288d ago projects/lockers svn
?glasserc 10y288d ago ?projects/lockers/intro projects/lockers svn
?glasserc 10y288d ago projects/lockers/queries projects/lockers/lockers-0.1.0.tar.bz2 ?projects/lockers/design ?projects/lockers/intro projects/lockers/notes ?projects/lockers/svn benchmarks svn
?glasserc 10y301d ago resume.pdf resume resume.tex svn
?glasserc 10y301d ago resume.pdf resume.tex svn
Updating resume again
?glasserc 10y311d ago resume index svn
Resume tweakage
?glasserc 10y315d ago attic/pagination-1.png svn
Resize diagram
?glasserc 10y315d ago attic/pagination-1.png attic/pagination-1.svg svn
Some diagrams for something I'm writing
?glasserc 10y329d ago bits/puppetry index svn
?glasserc 11y20h ago resume.pdf resume.tex svn
Update LaTeX format resume (including generated PDF).
?glasserc 11y23h ago resume svn
Update resume.
?glasserc 11y14d ago attic/dscn2126-small.jpg svn
Clips for a CPU fan? Nonsense.
?glasserc 11y28d ago bits/puppetry index svn
Last eight months or so.
?glasserc 11y135d ago attic/ svn
Prototype-based inheritance in Python.
?glasserc 11y282d ago bits/puppetry index svn
A few more favorites.
?glasserc 11y288d ago bits/puppetry index svn
Update all of this.
?glasserc 11y324d ago bits/puppetry index svn
A couple new favorites.
?glasserc 11y346d ago projects/graphpaper svn
Use wikilinks for improved linkability.
?glasserc 12y11d ago projects/vcs-shootout/results svn
This should also be worded a little more cautiously..
?glasserc 12y11d ago projects/vcs-shootout/commit-time-vs-files-5000-diskusage-2.png svn
Update this graphic.
?glasserc 12y11d ago projects/vcs-shootout/results svn
?glasserc 12y11d ago projects/vcs-shootout/commit-time-vs-files-5000-committime.png projects/vcs-shootout/commit-time-vs-files-5000-diskusage.png projects/vcs-shootout/commit-time-vs-files-5000-difftime.png projects/vcs-shootout/commit-time-vs-files-5000-diskusage-2.png svn
Actually get working graphs for some of these.
?glasserc 12y11d ago projects/vcs-shootout/results svn
Try different formatting.
?glasserc 12y11d ago projects/vcs-shootout/results svn
Try different formatting.
?glasserc 12y11d ago projects/vcs-shootout/access-revision-time-vs-commits-5000-diskusage.png projects/vcs-shootout/commit-time-vs-files-5000-diskusage.png projects/vcs-shootout/access-revision-time-vs-commits-5000-committime.png projects/vcs-shootout/access-revision-time-vs-commits-5000-dumptime0.png projects/vcs-shootout/commit-time-vs-files-5000-difftime.png projects/vcs-shootout/access-revision-time-vs-commits-5000-difftime0.png projects/vcs-shootout/commit-time-vs-files-5000-committime.png projects/vcs-shootout/access-revision-time-vs-file-size-5000-committime.png projects/vcs-shootout/commit-time-vs-files-5000-diskusage-2.png projects/vcs-shootout/commit-time-vs-files-5000-addtime.png ... svn
Get some graphs up there.
?glasserc 12y11d ago projects/vcs-shootout/results svn
Oops, actually remember how RST works.
?glasserc 12y11d ago projects/vcs-shootout projects/vcs-shootout/results svn
Clean up formatting.
?glasserc 12y11d ago projects/vcs-shootout projects/vcs-shootout/results projects/vcs-shootout/non analysis projects/vcs-shootout svn
Let's try publishing this sucker.
?glasserc 12y71d ago bits/puppetry index svn
r500@sundance: ethan | 2007-11-12 00:11:30 -0500
I really like this one.
?glasserc 12y71d ago shading.sty resume.tex svn
r499@sundance: ethan | 2007-11-11 22:28:57 -0500
Source for my resume.
?glasserc 12y71d ago resume.pdf svn
r497@sundance: ethan | 2007-11-11 04:01:12 -0500
Prettier PDF version of my resume.
?glasserc 12y72d ago resume svn
r495@sundance: ethan | 2007-11-10 18:55:19 -0500
Convert links which were massively broken.
?glasserc 12y72d ago resume svn
r493@sundance: ethan | 2007-11-10 16:29:51 -0500
Suzanne says Dean's List was only 3.0.
?glasserc 12y72d ago resume svn
r490@sundance: ethan | 2007-11-10 16:22:14 -0500
Reorganize, add link to Pidgin bug fix.
?glasserc 12y72d ago resume svn
r489@sundance: ethan | 2007-11-10 16:11:44 -0500
List activities, at Suzanne's suggestion.
?glasserc 12y72d ago resume svn
r487@sundance: ethan | 2007-11-10 16:07:03 -0500
List courses, at Suzanne's suggestion.
?glasserc 12y72d ago resume svn
r485@sundance: ethan | 2007-11-10 16:05:11 -0500
Suzanne suggests trimming wording.
?glasserc 12y72d ago resume svn
r483@sundance: ethan | 2007-11-10 16:00:22 -0500
Link PA site.
?glasserc 12y72d ago resume svn
r481@sundance: ethan | 2007-11-10 15:57:26 -0500
Suzanne says a resume should never list my failures.
?glasserc 12y72d ago resume svn
r479@sundance: ethan | 2007-11-10 15:52:57 -0500
Reordering suggested by Suzanne.
?glasserc 12y72d ago resume svn
r476@sundance: ethan | 2007-11-10 15:50:31 -0500
Suzanne says to put this by the school.
?glasserc 12y72d ago resume svn
r475@sundance: ethan | 2007-11-10 15:48:44 -0500
Restructuring suggested by Suzanne.
?glasserc 12y72d ago resume svn
r471@sundance: ethan | 2007-11-10 15:38:29 -0500
More Suzanne advice.
?glasserc 12y72d ago resume svn
r470@sundance: ethan | 2007-11-10 15:29:15 -0500
Suzanne says to add a list of operating systems.
?glasserc 12y72d ago resume svn
r469@sundance: ethan | 2007-11-10 15:24:03 -0500
Suzanne says to put these in reverse chronological order.
?glasserc 12y72d ago resume svn
r467@sundance: ethan | 2007-11-10 03:03:09 -0500
Add TAship.
?glasserc 12y72d ago resume svn
r464@sundance: ethan | 2007-11-10 02:25:23 -0500
Maybe this will turn out to be wrong, but it's enough to start looking for a job.
?glasserc 12y72d ago projects/lockers/queries projects/lockers/possible directives projects/lockers/notes svn
r463@sundance: ethan | 2007-10-30 02:25:05 -0400
Braindump some Lockers-related stuff.
?glasserc 12y84d ago bits/puppetry index svn
r461@sundance: ethan | 2007-10-29 19:32:13 -0400
I really liked this one.