Betacantrips/ portfolio

My Github page doesn't have too much on it, but here are a couple random standalone programs I wrote: fixing my EXIF tags; why Vala is not my favorite programming language.

I keep my Project Euler solutions available here, which should give you a good feel for how I write code "in the small".

While working at SumAll, the engineering team was able to release some Haskell libraries as open source. Here are those libraries to which I've contributed a notable amount.

  • canteven-log: added support for monad-logger and harmonized formats across hslogger and monad-logger
  • canteven-snap: lift all exported functions from Snap a to MonadSnap m => m a
  • eureka-client: initial implementation. Unfortunately this library is somewhat confusing and underdocumented, like the service it's designed to communicate with.
  • canteven-listen-http: implementation


In addition to actually writing software, I consider it important to share knowledge and experience with other developers and the wider software community. Here are some samples of my human language work.

Patches/bug fixes

As I am very interested in the open source world, from time to time I try to make a contribution. Here is a list of all the bug reports or patches I've gotten accepted and a few that weren't. This should give you a good feel for the kinds of stuff I dabble in.

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