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Directives should have a different syntax from wikilinks, so that nothing which could reasonably be a wikilink is disallowed. I'm thinking of spaces here; [[Lunix truly is a superior operating system]] should be allowed. Perhaps directives can start with a colon; that's the approach I take here.

  • [[:example Q P ]] -> "This is a Q example of [[P]]."

    This can be used, for instance, in chess games: "This is an example of the Sicilian defense." Likewise forum posts can be edited to say "This is an example of such-and-such fallacy." Page P can show a list of all the things that are examples of it, sorted by descending quality. This requires dependency calculations that will probably be necessary later, even though I think this plugin itself is not likely that helpful.

  • [[:random word|grammar=g]] -> a random word, or a random phrase generated using polygen and a grammar specified by g

    Every gamer site needs a random word generator!

  • shortcuts plugin, smileys plugin

    Other plugins from ikiwiki?

    • navbar
    • poll
    • toc? How will this work?
    • tag?
  • marker plugin to allow user to say eg. "list of subpages goes here"?

  • [[:hidden]] .. how will this work?

  • Allow text "surrounding" with directive-tags, or triple-quote like in ikiwiki?

  • [[:aggregate]]

  • templates: [[:hacking python for="glasse"]] could auto-link to a corresponding meme page or something

  • [[:thumbnail img="Pictures/IMG_0001.JPG"]] could keep track of an associated thumbnail size for each image, so that when you change one, they all change -- this might be a good alternative for auto-thumbnailing (if it sucks). Alternately arguments could be given to express how much to thumbnail.

  • [[:list]] instead of inline, or perhaps in addition. I was thinking that every page could auto-inline everything one level below it, but that won't cover everything -- for instance, a page for a tag might want to inline all pages with that tag. Also, recursing and sorting by creation date or something would need a separate syntax.

  • [[:redirect PAGE]], to implement redirection

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